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Support For All The Different Daily Needs You Might Have

You should know the options available to you as you or your loved one ages. Aging comfortably at home is an affordable, convenient solution to your family needs.

We can provide the family’s primary caregiver respite from the day to day activities of caring for an aging family member, or provide continuous care for your family member. The options are limitless when it comes to the day to day care we can provide. We provide service even if the client has no family members.

We are proud to offer the care and services that you and your loved one needs in performing the regular duties of the day. No task is too small for us to help. Travel to doctor appointments, assistance with activities of daily living, such as  bathing dressing, even cooking meals and doing laundry are all things that we’re here for.

Call A Caring Hand  Services today and let us give you a helping hand.


Services We Offer

As a fully licensed and insured home health care agency, we offer a variety of services to assist the disabled and elderly clients that are under our care.

We utilize only insured, quality personnel, who undergo a rigid screening process,  which includes extensive background checks  such as finger printing , at least two years of experience in the field.  We accept approximately one out of every fifty people we interview, to join our staff.  We understand the desire to care for your family. And we know that it can be overwhelming. If you need complete care services, or only need a few breaks a week, we can help you. A Caring Hand offers a wide range of services, customized and adjustable for your changing needs. 

We want to give you peace of mind in the care of yourself or a loved one.

That’s why we are available for you and your loved one, no matter what time of day – and that’s true 7 days a week.

HHA services include, but are not limited to:

     Helping to maintain personal hygiene

     Planning and preparing meals

     Helping to maintain a healthful, safe environment

     Reminding clients to take their prescribed medication

     Reporting any change in mental, physical or home condition

     Preparing documentation for the clinical record

     Running errands as instructed by the client/family

     Performing housekeeping tasks

     Accompanying the client on trips outside the home

 If you have a specific need not listed, please call us and let us work with you in developing a care plan that works for you or your loved one.  At the beginning of services a Registered Nurse is sent to the clients home to develope a care plan that the home health aide will follow.  There is no charge to the family for the Registered Nurse Visit.  


*A minimum of 4 hours, 3 days a week is required. We accept private pay and Medicaid clients.   Furthermore, since we are a liscensed New York State Agency if you have long term care insurance they will reimburse  you  for home care services if you qualify.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My father is living by himself, and is living completely un-assisted, but I’d like to give him a companion and someone to make sure his dishes have been done. Can you help?

A: Absolutely.  Companionship and visitors to your father’s house will keep his mind on the day to day, as well as give him great social therapy.  Our visitors can prepare and have a meal with him and clean up afterwards, play cards, or just sit outside and watch the sun set with him.  These daily visits may change according to your father’s wishes as well, and we can do our best to adapt to those changes with our caregiver.

Q: My parents don’t need full 24-hour nursing care, but they do need help with a few things during the day. Can you help with these?

A: Yes – we want to assist your family member in their daily activities, whether it’s just doing washing, folding or ironing the laundry, assisting with morning activities like showering and dressing, or making breakfast for your parents.  This is what we do.  If you decide that they need more assistance, or less, we can all assess their care plan, and change it at any time.

Q: We need someone with my mom in the mornings to help her with her other in-home care providers and therapists and to help manage her schedule for these. Can you help?

A: Certainly.  Our caregivers can make sure that the people coming and going from your mother’s house are indeed care providers or therapists. We can also assist in making the appointments for the following week, or adjusting the schedule if appointments change.

Q: If I don't think the HHA is a good match for my mother can I change the aide:

A:  yes the aide can be changed;  there is no obligation to keep an aide.